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Frequently asked questions - Bookings

Can I book breakfast when I make a booking?

Yes. Go to Company Management > Booking Allowance and ensure you've ticked the box for breakfast. You'll then be able to select it when you make a booking. 

Why can't I complete my booking?

If your Travel Manager hasn't assigned a company card to you or authorised the use of a personal card, you won't be able to make a payment and complete your booking. Please contact your Travel Manager to ensure there is a payment card assigned to you.

Why can't I add a dinner allowance when selecting my meal options?

You can only add a dinner allowance to your booking if you're using a Business Account card. If you'd like to add dinner, please select your Business Account card as your method of payment.  

Can I book long-term stays on Business Booker?

You can book up to nine nights using Business Booker. If you'd like to book a longer stay, please get in touch with your Account Manager or our Corporate Desk at

Can I add additional company cards to Business Booker?

Yes. As a Travel Manager you can upload additional company cards by going to Company Management > Payment Options > Add another card.  Once uploaded, go to Manage Employees to assign the new card to an employee. You can also go to Booking Allowances and tick the option to allow individual employees to upload their own cards.

Why can't I add more than one personal card to Business Booker?

You can only add one personal card to Business Booker at a time. However, your Travel Manager can add multiple company cards.

How do I store a payment card on Business Booker if it isn't allocated to an employee?

To store a payment card, go to Company Management > Booking Allowances > Individual Payment Cards and ensure the option 'Allow employees to book using their own credit card' is ticked.

Where can I find out more about business rates?

 If you'd like to discuss our business rates, please speak to your Account Manager. If you don't have an Account Manager, email us at and we'll be able to help.

I've made a booking but the dates are incorrect. Can I change it?

Yes you can - just find your upcoming booking on the Business Booker homepage, click Edit and you'll be able to change the dates. All amendments are subject to our terms and conditions.

Can I amend my Non-Flex booking?

Non-Flex bookings cannot be amended. However, if you want to cancel a Non-Flex stay, you can do so online within 24 hours of booking.

Please check the terms and conditions of the rate you booked for full details.

Can I amend my Flex booking?

If you've booked a Flex rate, you can amend your booking online.  If you need to cancel or change your booking, please do so before 1pm on the day you are due to arrive. If you make your cancellation after 1pm on your arrival day, you'll be charged a fee equivalent to one night's stay.

When you cancel your booking, we'll give you a cancellation reference number. Please make a note of this number as proof of your cancellation. 

I've made a booking and amended my F&B allowances. Why aren't my meals being authorised during my stay?

If F&B allowances are changed after a booking is made, we'll request that the balance is paid on arrival. If you'd like to authorise an increased F&B allowance, please contact our Corporate Desk at If you're using a Business Account card, you'll need your Memorable Word to authorise this. 

Can I request a text confirmation of my stay?

Unfortunately we no longer offer this service.

Where can I view my upcoming reservations and booking history?

To see your upcoming bookings, just go to Bookings > Upcoming Bookings, or for your previous bookings Bookings > Stay History. If you've made a booking for an employee who isn't registered with Business Booker, it won't appear in your Stay History. 

Why do I keep receiving Booking Alert notifications?

Our Booking Alerts are triggered according to the total price of each stay, not price per night. For example, if you've set a booking alert for 70 a night and you make a 2 night booking which totals 100 (at 50 per night), you'll receive a Booking Alert.